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Scotland's original and leading Combat sports strength and conditioning team.

Owned and operated by MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brian Fernie- based in Livingston and Edinburgh.

If you're a combat athlete, martial artist, boxer or MMA fighter- professional or amateur- you need to train with us!

About Brian:

Has a varied background in sports having studied and practiced traditional and sport karate for a number of years before and during his time in the Military. He has also competed in triathlons, boxing, basketball and running covering all levels from novice to semi -professional.

His twenty years in the business have accredited him with a number of qualifications some of which include

He has trained under:

Coach JC Santana of the Institute of Human Performance, Florida

Coach Kevin Burns of Burn with Kearns of Boston, MA.

MMA Conditioning Association, USA

Brian and his team have trained fighter's from all martial arts backgrounds from amateurs to world champion's has worked with a variety of individuals and teams inclusive of; EMAC, Wolfpack MA, Duel Samurai ,Team Parente, LM-BMMA, Fauldhouse ABC ,Fighters Den, Broxburn ABC and Clovenstone ABC and Elite blackbelt academy.

Combat Team

Brian has put together a unique team of combat sports specialists, who cover all aspects of combat sport strength and conditioning. The team currently work with a variety of amateur and professional fighters and teams from boxing to MMA.

We offer one-to-one training and group sessions at Fit Inc Gym Livingston, Capital Hotel Edinburgh, Broxburn boxing club, Kuk Sool Won Dunfermline at your venue or any outside area close to you.

Can you say you are COMBAT CONDITIONED!